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  • Admissibility Review

  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP – Inadmissibility)

  • Criminal Rehabilitation

  • Restoration of Status

  • Permanent Residency Application

  • Spousal Sponsorship and Open Work Permit (In-Canada)

  • Spousal and residency Appeals at IAD

  • Parental Sponsorship

  • Alberta PNP

  • H & C Application

  • Express Entry

  • Entrepreneur/Investor Class

  • Self-Employed (Farm Management; Athletes etc.)

  • PR Card Renewal

  • Citizenship applications

  • PRTD

  • Refugee Claims and Appeals

  • Seizures (When Canadian Immigration takes (seizes) your property at a Port of Entry)

The list does not cover all of the areas we can assist with. If you have an enquiry about a stream or application type that is not represented by the list, please note that we accept and handle every type of Immigration question and application, and that a consultation is most likely the best place to start in such cases.