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Complete your commercial real estate transaction with the help of our experienced Calgary commercial real estate lawyers.

Virtual Real Estate Lawyers

Close your commercial real estate deals faster and easier with a virtual real estate lawyer. Our Calgary-based lawyers cover a wide range of transaction types whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a commercial property.

When it comes to signing your commercial real estate deal – we can do it all virtually or come to you. No need to drive across the city or fight for downtown parking – we will meet you when and where you need us.

Affordable Commercial Real Estate Transaction Fees

Property Purchase


*Est. TOTAL Including Third Party Costs Approx. $1530

Property Sale


*Est. TOTAL Including Third Party Costs Approx. $985

Property Refinance


*Est. TOTAL Including Third Party Costs Approx. $1130

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PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Flat rate fees above include all regular disbursements. Additional charges apply but are not limited to for title insurance, real property report, additional mortgage, title transfer, dower release, more than two payouts, non-major lender mortgage, encroachment agreement, relaxation permit, encumbrance review, additional title searches, late closing, construction draw mortgage, holdback, bridge financing, out of town signing, rush transaction, assignment of rent, overnight or additional couriers, and estoppel and insurance certificates.

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