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The real estate market is constantly changing.

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From purchases, sales and refinancings, our residential real estate lawyers have you covered. Best part of all, our transparent billing model ensures everyone’s interests are aligned and that our clients are getting the best bang for their buck. Our experienced virtual lawyers in Alberta and BC provide exceptional and convenient service that respects your time and schedule.


What does a Real Estate Lawyer do?


  • Review all relevant documents including the Purchase Agreement, Certificate of Title and Real Property Report
  • Complete of all mortgage requirements to enable funding of mortgage 
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions
  • Ensure a timely closing of the transaction


  • Complete all documents to facilitate a smooth closing
  • Provide accurate statement of adjustments for items such as property taxes, condominium fees, and homeowners association dues
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions
  • Complete discharge of the your responsibilities in relation to the property
  • Payout and closing of any mortgages and real estate commissions
  • Timely delivery of closing funds to you


  • Review of all documents, including lender instructions
  • Prepare mortgage documentation and complete all mortgage requirements to enable funding of the loan
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions


Affordable Real Estate Transaction Fees To Suit Your Budget

Home Purchase


*plus GST and disbursements

Home Sale


*plus GST and disbursements

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Home Refinance


*plus GST and disbursements

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional charges apply but are not limited to for title insurance, real property report, additional mortgage, title transfer, dower release, more than two payouts, non-major lender mortgage, encroachment agreement, relaxation permit, encumbrance review, additional title searches, late closing, construction draw mortgage, holdback, bridge financing, out of town signing, rush transaction, assignment of rent, overnight or additional couriers, and estoppel and insurance certificates.

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If you’re buying or selling a home in Alberta or British Columbia, you’re going to need a real estate lawyer. Choose one with great service and transparent pricing.