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Our wills & estate planning lawyers and probate teams have you covered, so you can protect your family and your investments.

The Best Time to Create or Update Your Will is Now

Many people believe that estate planning and will preparation are only necessary for the wealthy and famous. However, when you own property, having a will and estate plan in place can benefit you and your loved ones in the event of incapacitation or death. Many people opt for generic templates, but it’s advisable to hire an experienced wills lawyer in Calgary to address your specific situation. Since provincial rules and laws pertinent to will preparation and estate administration can be confusing, working with legal professionals can ensure that your documents are comprehensive and enforceable.

Most people can’t plan for that exact moment when they’re going to need a Will. To protect your family and your investments, it’s a smart plan to make a Will and do your estate planning now.

From the straightforward to the most complex family and financial situations, our wills and estate planning lawyers will help you meet your estate and tax planning objectives while preparing your family for the future. It’s never too early or too late to implement a comprehensive estate plan. Our team of lawyers know it can be a difficult conversation to have but it’s an incredibly important one and from our experience, we know you will feel much better knowing your affairs are in order.



What Does a Wills Lawyer Do?

A wills lawyer handles all matters related to wills and estate management, including the interpretation and application of provincial laws that can impact a testator’s estate after making a will. A wills lawyer’s duties include:

  •  Drafting and executing a will.
  • Clarifying the rules, regulations and procedures related to will preparation and estate planning.
  •  Acting as administrator when an estate is left without a will.
  • Advising an executor on the probate of an estate.
  • Advising an executor on the sale or transfer of property after death.

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Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers in Calgary

One80 Law’s wills lawyer can protect your assets, ensure your wishes are followed and assist your executor in administering your estate after your death. Below are some additional benefits of having a wills lawyer in Calgary.

Comprehensive Will Preparation

Individuals, especially those with complex estates, can benefit from a wills lawyer’s guidance in creating a comprehensive, error- and omission-free document. Mistakes or ambiguously worded documents can be costly to fix and can affect how your wishes are carried out if you are incapacitated or pass away. Our Calgary wills lawyer can ensure your will is completed correctly and all your wishes are heeded as you intended. 

Our wills lawyer can also ensure that all required documents for the inheritance process are completed and can withstand the scrutiny of the courts or anyone who contests the will.

Knowledge of the Law

Several rules and legislations influence wills and estate administration in Alberta. These laws affect how estates are inventoried, valued, dispersed and taxed. At One80 Law, our experienced legal team has a thorough understanding of provincial laws and procedures. We can help you interpret, understand and incorporate the rules relevant to your estate. 

Guidance through Probate 

The probate process verifies a will’s authenticity and confirms the appointment of an estate’s executor. It also appoints an administrator if an estate has no will or executor. 

Executors must apply for a Grant of Probate, locate beneficiaries, list and value assets, settle debts and taxes and distribute assets, among other tasks. The duties can be challenging, and executors can sometimes get overwhelmed or confused. They can also be held personally liable for any loss or debt. One80 Law’s will lawyer can advise executors during and after the probate process and ensure tasks are completed appropriately.

Fewer Disputes

A well-prepared will can alleviate potential disputes between beneficiaries. Our Calgary wills lawyer can help you prepare a comprehensive will that conveys your wishes and considers any scenarios that might affect the administration of your estate or cause conflict between loved ones.


Wills & Estate Planning Legal Services

Our experienced wills and estate lawyers will make sure you are prepared for any of life’s curve balls. Having your affairs in order will save your family time and stress during difficult times. We are here to assist you with the following:

Wills & Estate Planning

If you have specific questions about estate planning, contact our wills & estate planning lawyers today.Prices are based on basic instructions and are subject to GST, disbursements and other charges. More complicated instructions will be charged at the lawyer’s hourly rate.



*Starts at $600 + GST for singles and $850 + GST for couples

Personal Directive


*Starts at $300 + GST for singles and $500 + GST for couples

Power of Attorney


*Starts at $300 + GST for singles and $500 + GST for couples

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Full Package


*Starts at $950 + GST for singles and $1250 + GST for couples. Includes will, personal directive and power of attorney



*Starts at $300 + GST for singles and $500 + GST for couples

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Special (Real Estate) Power of Attorney


*Starts at $300 + GST for singles and $500 + GST for couples

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Rush Fee


*Starts at $250 + GST for singles and $350 + GST for couples


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Hospital/In Home/Care
Facility visit


*Starts at $250+ + GST for singles and $350+ + GST for couples


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*Please note the above Fees apply to basic client instructions. Additional fees will apply to more complicated instructions.
The above fees do not include GST, disbursements, other charges, and are subject to change without notice.

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