How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You Close With Confidence

How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You Close With Confidence When Buying a House | One80Law Group

Buying a house is an exciting time, and yet it can also be overwhelming and stressful. You’ll be dealing with a range of people, timelines and businesses to get the purchase finalized, and there will be a lot to organize.

One of the key people you’ll be dealing with is your real estate lawyer who will be working on the legal transfer of property to your name. Therefore it’s important to make sure you choose the right lawyer who gets you the result you’re looking for – a new home with reduced stress.

Firstly though, who pays the legal fees?

A common question we get asked by clients is who is responsible for the legal fees – is it the buyer, or the seller? It’s actually both.

Each party to the transaction – the buyer and the seller – will have their own legal representative. The lawyers will deal directly with each other in relation to the transaction.

Each lawyer is there to represent their clients and protect their interests, which is why each of them pays their own legal fees.


Why you need a real estate lawyer when buying a house:

1. It Gives You Financial Certainty

Buying a house is probably the biggest financial decision you’ll make, and the most money you’ll spend in your lifetime. As part of this process, you’ve probably been saving money for years and you want to make sure you get the best value for your money. 

Working with a lawyer who has a proven track record and has provided you with a quote before getting underway gives you financial certainty. You’ll be able to close with confidence, with a clear idea of how the transaction will work. You can plan out your finances with clarity and not be stung by higher-than-expected costs. There can be an overwhelming number of variables when it comes to purchasing a home. This is why One80 Law is happy to help reduce your stress and help you navigate the mountain of real estate and financial documents.


2. You Can Protect Your Biggest Asset

A real estate lawyer gives you peace of mind that your investment in your home is protected. One80 Law carries out a number of checks for you like reviewing the legal paperwork for any potential pitfalls, checking encumbrances which could affect your use of the land and we arrange title insurance.

Working with a real estate lawyer means you get expert legal advice for your purchase.  


3. You’ll Reduce Your Stress Levels

Financial certainty and expert legal advice mean you’ll be able to relax, knowing your purchase is being handled correctly and diligently. Buying a home is such an exciting time for both buyers and sellers, and we want to make sure you’re confident with the process. 


What can you expect to pay in real estate fees? 

One80 law fees are included below for purchase, sale and refinance (please note these fees are current as of April 2022 and are subject to change). 



If you’d like to know more, we’ve written a detailed insight into how much lawyer’s fees are when buying a house in Calgary. Alternatively, contact us for an initial consultation which is free of charge to discuss your purchase. 


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