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Having an experienced & affordable Calgary real estate lawyer on your side will put you at ease during such a significant financial transaction.

At One80 Law, we pride ourselves on our legal team’s proven ability to make your home sale or purchase run as seamlessly and as stress-free as possible. Our lawyer fees for real estate deals give you security around your closing costs.

For purchases, sales and refinancings, our Calgary real estate lawyers have you covered. Best part of all, when it comes to signing your deal – we offer virtual signing or we can come to you, and will happily do so outside regular business hours at no extra cost. No need to take time off work or pay for childcare – we will meet you when and where you need us!

The real estate market in Calgary is constantly changing.

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An investment in real estate is a major decision. Sometimes – as in the case of buying a home ­– it’s the biggest investment in a person’s life. Residential real estate is costly; therefore, it is advisable to have a Calgary real estate lawyer on board when purchasing, selling or refinancing.

Several laws and procedures apply to the sale, purchase and refinancing of real estate in Alberta. These can be tenuous and complex, especially for someone new to the real estate market. Furthermore, failure to comply can result in costly and irreversible mistakes.

At One80 Law, we represent buyers, sellers and those looking to refinance their homes. Our knowledgeable and experienced real estate lawyers can provide expert guidance and advice throughout your transaction.

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Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Unlike in other provinces, once you purchase or refinance a home in Alberta, you must have a lawyer on board who is authorized to practice in Alberta. This lawyer is responsible for handling all the transaction costs associated with the sale and distributing funds to the relevant parties. Mortgage lenders and other financial institutions will not refinance or advance loans to new homeowners without a lawyer.

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How Can Our Calgary Real Estate Lawyers Help You?

Generally, real estate lawyers are there to protect your rights and interests whether you are a buyer, a seller or you’re refinancing a mortgage. Below are some of the specific ways in which we can help you.

Provide Counsel

The process of buying or selling real estate can be overwhelming and confusing. At One80 Law, we remove confusion and anxiety from the equation. We’ll keep you informed, answer any questions and guide you at every step of the transaction for a smooth experience.

Draft and Review Contracts

Real estate lawyers draft and review contracts and other documents to ensure that the terms are as you’ve agreed and the documents are comprehensive and legally sound before you sign. The documents may include purchase agreements and mortgage and transfer records. At One80 Law, we negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

Handle Disputes or Litigation

Unfortunately, real estate transactions are not immune from disputes or litigation. For example, our real estate lawyers can represent you in cases where the ownership of a property is in question. Should the matter advance to trial, we can also represent you during the litigation process.

Represent You During Mortgage Refinancing

One80 Law’s real estate lawyers also assist clients as they refinance a mortgage. Refinancing involves negotiation with the lending institution to replace an existing mortgage with a new one. The new mortgage is used to pay off the old one. With a refinancing, a new principal and interest rate typically apply. Refinancing allows homeowners to access equity in their homes.

Conduct Title Searches

Title searches are necessary to ascertain whether a title is free and clear of issues that might cause its dispute. The search involves examining public documents in the Land Titles Office, clerk’s office, local courthouse or deed registry, among other sources. Issues can include:

  • Outstanding taxes.
  • Liens against the property.
  • Flaws in the property deed.
  • Unpaid mortgages.
  • Outstanding loans.
  • Pending foreclosure.
  • Judgements or claims against the owner or property.

Prepare or Review Closing Documents

Real estate lawyers will represent you throughout the closing process and ensure the transaction is completed within the requisite timeline and meets all legal and financial conditions. They also ensure that all relevant documents, including the deed, are accurately and properly prepared and filed. At closing, money is paid, and the title is transferred to the buyer.


What does a Real Estate Lawyer in Calgary do?

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  • Review all relevant documents including the Purchase Agreement, Certificate of Title and Real Property Report
  • Complete of all mortgage requirements to enable funding of mortgage
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions
  • Ensure a timely closing of the transaction

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Residential Real Estate Lawyer Kelowna | Home Sale and Purchase | One80Law Group


  • Complete all documents to facilitate a smooth closing
  • Provide accurate statement of adjustments for items such as property taxes, condominium fees, and homeowners association dues
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions
  • Complete discharge of the your responsibilities in relation to the property
  • Payout and closing of any mortgages and real estate commissions
  • Timely delivery of closing funds to you

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Residential Real Estate Lawyer Kelowna | Refinance Lawyers | One80Law Group


  • Review of all documents, including lender instructions
  • Prepare mortgage documentation and complete all mortgage requirements to enable funding of the loan
  • Explain documents to you and answer any follow up questions

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